Customs Clearance

We provide customs clearance services for importing and exporting goods to and from non-EU countries, acting as intermediaries for our customers with the Customs Agency and providing technical support from our Customs Department.
Our specialised staff assist our customers throughout the import-export process, doing everything possible to minimise delays and bureaucracy.

We draw up both permanent and temporary import/export customs declarations as well as EU transit declarations.

We provide bonded and tax warehousing services.

We help customers to classify and identify goods.

We prepare and send Intrastat forms electronically on behalf of customers who trade within the EU.


Customs Clearance Department

Stazione confinaria a Sant’Andrea – 34170 Gorizia (GO)

Tel. +39 0481 20721
Fax +39 0481 521226

Bruno Spanò | Customs Broker

Christian Spanò | Customs Broker

Donato Errico | Customs Broker

Erica Odorico | Customs operator

Administrative and Sales Department

Corso Italia, 126 – 34170 Gorizia (GO)

Tel. +39 0481 534660
Fax +39 0481 534454

Laura Severin | Manager

Mauro Kofol | Manager

Intrastat Operations Department

Autoporto di Gorizia – Padiglione B – 34170 Gorizia (GO)

Tel. +39 0481 523281
Fax +39 0481 523280

Andrea Luciani | Intrastat Manager

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